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StyleMind lessons is a well-established academy known for its best infrastructure and well-experienced faculties and song writing tutors. Our beginner-level course comprises music theory, musical notation, major, minor, and pentatonic scales, molding and manipulating melody, and lyric writing. Our intermediate lessons are perfect for students who have some musical backgrounds and want to learn advanced techniques in their writing abilities. It helps you develop and polish your personal style, improve your writing song skills, and expand your songwriting repertoire. Our intermediate lessons cover topics covering personal style development, workshops on music, lyrics and production, digital production and editing, music business advice, and tricks about selling your songs. With StyleMind lessons, finding a songwriting tutor is easy. A simple search takes you to hundreds of experienced teachers who offer classes online as well as private teachings. If you want to choose a teacher who specializes in the genre of music and instrument you love, you can trust us. Call us today to know more about our offerings.

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  • Oct 7 2021
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    31 May 07:02am

    Hi! I really wanted to get into your courses. But my work schedule is constantly changing. But I found a solution. I can put your classes on screen recording using and then review them at any free time